Privacy Policy

Innovative Development London adheres to the new GDPR legislation, to protect the privacy of the website visitors and potential clients. This privacy policy explains the type of data that we hold about you, how we use and store the information. 



Cookies are used primarily for traffic analysis reasons. Through them, we can see if you have visited the website before. This is done for analytics, as we can see how many unique visitors there are to the site. A cookie is a small text file downloaded by the browser as you visit the site, it will not harm your computer or device in any way. We do not use tracking cookies, nor do we run adverts from the provider which typically uses them.


We use analytics to determine the performance of the site in various different ways. We do not use analytics to personally identify visitors to this site. Below is a full account of what data we collect, and how it is used by us. 

We store information about the pages visited by visitors, to see what pages the visitors are primarily interested in. This is done so we get insights into the content of the site, and push for creating content that the visitors are interested in seeing. 

We store information about which site the visitor has come from, whether directly typing the address or through a search engine such as Google, or a social network such as Facebook. This data processing is done by our hosting provider for analytical purposes but provided to us. We use this data to indicate site performance in terms of page ranking on search engines, and advertising campaigns that we may run on social networks. Related to this, we also store the search keywords that the visitor may have typed on the search engine to find our site. This is for SEO purposes, to ensure that our content is seen correctly, and indexed properly by search engines.

Through our hosting provider, we are given analytics on the device type of the visitor. This is for site functionality, as the site has both a desktop, tablet, and mobile version. The data is used to ensure that the correct version is displayed on the correct device. In addition, we also use this data to get insights into how visitors are choosing to navigate and view the site, these insights help us improve the quality of both versions of the site. Browser type and the operating system is also included with this, as we can identify and resolve problems encountered when viewing the site from multiple browsers, and operating systems.

IP addresses are stored automatically when a visitor visits a website. This is outside of our control and is part of the nature of how the website and the internet works. Our hosting provider processes the IP address to determine the general geographic location of the visitor for analytical purposes, it is not an exact location. Although we do not directly process the IP address data, we do make use the geographic location data provided to us by the hosting provider. As a UK company operating in London and its neighbouring areas, we expect most of our traffic to be from there. However, we may get visitors from outside of this area, which tells us that we may be advertising too broadly, and we need to narrow it down. We cannot identify anyone with this information, nor do we make any attempts to find out the identities with this information. The stored IP addresses are automatically deleted after 30 days.

We store the form submission data from when you contact us, this is so we have a count of visitors that have contacted us with a query, and to ensure that these queries are being seen and answered. This is explained more in the next section.


When you contact us with a query, we hold a history stored in an email about the nature of your query. If the query is a general one, and visitors ask this frequently, then we update the site with the information to make it clear to future visitors.

If the query is about a potential building project then the history of the contact will get saved by emails and possibly hard copies. This is to protect you, the potential client, and us as a company for legal requirements. When you start a building enquiry with us, if you do not wish to proceed with the project, then we destroy the enquiry data. 

Third Party


We do not sell or transfer the data collected by us to third parties. We may be on third-party platforms, such as social media, but we do not endorse their services or products. The privacy policies of the third-party services, apply to the profiles we may have on those services. We are not responsible for how they use the data on their service.

Consent & Complaint

We provide a cookie banner to unique visitors asking them if they want to consent to have analytical cookies installed. There is a link to this privacy policy in the banner. If the visitor does not click consent, then the cookie will not be installed and we will not log if they are a unique visitor or not. The site still functions without enabling the cookie, it is there just for analytical purposes. You can lodge a complaint at any time regarding our collection, and processing of your personal data. You can lodge this complaint with the Information commissioners office here

Clear & Consise

GDPR itself requires this policy to be concise, transparent, intelligible, and easily accessible. We feel this policy meets these requirements, however, if you have any concerns over the data we store about you, or if you are unsure of any of the points we have noted here, please feel free to contact us

Policy Changes

If we change the privacy policy, we will update this page. If the policy is updated, we have to provide a policy modification date.  We have to provide a policy modification date when this is done. This is given below.

This policy was last modified at 26/06/2018.