design and construction


Who we are

residential builders with 20 years experience 

We are Innovative Development, a UK based building firm operating in London and its neighbouring areas. We are primarily residential builders with 20 years of experience in the building industry, delivering numerous housing projects in the UK as well as mainland Europe.

skilled and adaptable builders

With our experienced home builders, we can support you from initial design and spatial planning through to, construction and sign off. The building projects showcased in the portfolio section of our site, provide a good coverage of the range of projects that we can assist in. We carry out refurbishments and build extensions for kitchens, lofts, and bathrooms. These are typically done as part of a whole home renovation. We also undertake bespoke (custom) building projects, this includes building new homes from scratch and client specific projects such as barn conversions.

What makes us different


We understand that building projects can be stressful for a variety of reasons. Innovative Development aims to provide peace of mind to its' clients. We listen, provide clear and concise explanations, avoiding jargon that can often lead to confusion.

builders with a green conscious

Recently we began a push towards building new environmentally friendly homes adapted for the British climate. Our environmental push is not exclusive to newly built homes, we aim to retrofit existing homes to reduce their impact on the environment. We carefully consider the materials selected for their environmental impact and performance. We install natural rainwater filter systems, reducing the amount of mains water used and solar energy systems for reducing energy costs. Where feasible we design for airtightness, reducing heat loss during cooler weather and removing the risk of mould and damp from the moisture-rich air leaving and entering the house.